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How and why we have chosen the toys in our boxes.

We are parents to an active, inquisitive and, at times, fussy 9-year-old, and across her lifetime we have bought and received a great many toys and gifts for her to play with and enjoy. We don't pretend to be experts, but we believe we have a decent idea of what has been a hit and what been left in the corner to gather dust. We've also been across the trends and favourites across that period. This knowledge has been applied to cater for a range of age and interest groups, from active kids who want to play in the yard, to arts and craft, and everything between. Some things never go out of style - dinosaurs are just as fascinating...

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Why buy a gift box from The Present Factory?

Gift-giving can be a beautiful, happy experience, especially in instances where it represents more than just a gift. But for some, gift-giving can be a cause for anxiety and stress. Closer to holidays like Christmas or other special occasions such as birthdays, some people feel overwhelmed even just thinking about what to give! Cost can also lead to more stress and asking yourself questions like “how much should I spend?”, “what if they think this is too lavish?” or “what if they think this is too cheap?” - these and more questions can lead to overthinking and a sense of unease. If you’re the sort of person who does get anxious about what gift to give, you can leave all...

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Lockdown care packs

We have been busy sending lockdown care packs to kids all over Australia in recent weeks - our most popular packs have been drawing, colouring and play-doh for the little kids and puzzles and board games for the bigger kids.  Remember that you can always Create Your Own if you can’t find the perfect box.  Due to stock shortages due to COVID we are constantly changing our boxes to meet demand so remember to check back regularly to see what’s new!  

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"Boy toys" and "Girl toys" - not at The Present Factory!

You may have noticed that none of our gift boxes are labeled specifically for girls or for boys. This is a deliberate decision, as we think it's really important that kids are able to just be kids - and play with the things that make them happy, rather than the things they are supposed to like just because they are boys or they are girls. There are very few things that bring us more joy than heading to school to meet our son, who is in Grade 1. Often, he walks out of the classroom at the end of the day holding hands with his best mate, and I think that's the most beautiful thing. It also makes me a...

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What The Present Factory is all about

Have you ever experienced the stress of leaving it to the last minute to buy a gift for an upcoming kids' birthday? They live out of town (in a different state even), so you have an extra layer of logistics to manage. Not to mention the fact that you will need to wrap it, write on the card and get it to the post office.  The time and cost adds up, right?   Alternatively, it might be easier (for you) to get the present delivered directly to them.  But this means roping the kids' parents in to wrap and write on the card (not very personal, right)?The idea for The Present Factory came about during the Coronavirus lockdown.  Our family in...

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