About us

We like to do gift-giving differently to ensure the special kids in your life feel special - even when you're far away.

We curate unique and thoughtful gift boxes to cater for all types of kids.  We focus on quality and ensuring the box arrives with the "wow" factor that your special little one deserves.  We only choose products that we absolutely love and would buy for our own children, nieces and nephews.  

We aim to source quality products to appeal to the interests of all children.  Our gift boxes are constantly being updated and new boxes are being added each week, to keep things interesting for kids and adults alike!  Our goal is to prepare a beautiful, eye-opening gift box that will delight the recipient and spark joy in their heart - wherever they are. 

Each gift box contains multiple items nestled safely for transport, the box itself will have the recipient's first name printed prominently on the front of the fun and funky box.  Inside is a hand written gift card with your own personalised message.  No more sending gifts in advance and asking the parents to wrap them - our gift boxes are the complete package!

It's this commitment to the quality and the focus on the presentation that guarantees each gift box is as special as the child receiving it.