"Boy toys" and "Girl toys" - not at The Present Factory!

You may have noticed that none of our gift boxes are labeled specifically for girls or for boys. This is a deliberate decision, as we think it's really important that kids are able to just be kids - and play with the things that make them happy, rather than the things they are supposed to like just because they are boys or they are girls.

There are very few things that bring us more joy than heading to school to meet our son, who is in Grade 1. Often, he walks out of the classroom at the end of the day holding hands with his best mate, and I think that's the most beautiful thing. It also makes me a little sad, as I know at a certain point, probably soon, the expectations of society and how boys/mens should behave will take over and the embarrassment about holding his mate's hand will outweigh the comfort and closeness that he gets from it.

So, we don't want to contribute to those societal expectations! We're for the girls that want to go out and build forts in the backyard and hunt for bugs with a headtorch at night. We're for the boys that want to lie in the bath with a nice bath bomb and listen to nice music. We're for the girls who like glitter nailpolish and the boys who want to push their dump trucks in big piles of mud. We're for kids being kids for as long as possible, and doing the things, whatever they are, that bring them joy.