How and why we have chosen the toys in our boxes.

We are parents to an active, inquisitive and, at times, fussy 9-year-old, and across her lifetime we have bought and received a great many toys and gifts for her to play with and enjoy.

We don't pretend to be experts, but we believe we have a decent idea of what has been a hit and what been left in the corner to gather dust. We've also been across the trends and favourites across that period.

This knowledge has been applied to cater for a range of age and interest groups, from active kids who want to play in the yard, to arts and craft, and everything between.

Some things never go out of style - dinosaurs are just as fascinating to children today as they were when Mr The Present Factory was a boy. All of our little princesses go through a real princess phase.

We have also tried to hit on the more popular brands and trends. Everyone loves Bluey, and the Wiggles are more popular with kids today than when we were younger, undoubtedly in large part to the arrival of Emma Wiggle.

Everything we stock is something we would be happy to buy for our own daughter, nieces and nephews, and of a quality we would seek in toys as parents.

We hope you agree and find our selection at The Present Factory more than satisfactory for your little one's needs and fun.