What The Present Factory is all about

Have you ever experienced the stress of leaving it to the last minute to buy a gift for an upcoming kids' birthday? They live out of town (in a different state even), so you have an extra layer of logistics to manage. Not to mention the fact that you will need to wrap it, write on the card and get it to the post office.  The time and cost adds up, right?  

Alternatively, it might be easier (for you) to get the present delivered directly to them.  But this means roping the kids' parents in to wrap and write on the card (not very personal, right)?

The idea for The Present Factory came about during the Coronavirus lockdown.  Our family in Brisbane was feeling very disconnected from our friends and cousins interstate.  We all know the special feeling of receiving a gift box delivered to your door on a special occasion.  And I thought, why can't we create that same sense of wonder and awe for kids?  The whole design of The Present Factory is about looking at the experience from the kids perspective - they receive a box with their first name in bright letters on the front.  The box is bright and fun (no kraft brown in sight).  And they open the box to find a range of items to suit their interests, with a gift card included with your own personal message.  

I hope that you enjoy our site and find gift giving a little easier with The Present Factory.