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Being creative can be hard work, and that's why we've combined art and lollies to create the LOLLY + ART Box! Fuel busy and creative minds with some sweet treats, but don't overdo it! Put down a handful of scrummy lollies, get out the colouring book and crayons, and you've got the perfect outlet for your little one to unwind - and it's also great for mum and dad to sneak in a quick quiet moment knowing their child's creativity is occupied and their tummy satisfied!

The LOLLY + ART Box includes:

    • Crayola Color & Sticker Funny Faces 20-page colouring book with 40 stickers
    • Bic Kids' Visacolor XL pack of 12 washable markers
    • A bag of Skittles (200g), Life Savers Mixed Sherbert Fizz Stix (220g), Haribo Zing Sour Spaghetti (140g), 8-pack of Wizz Fizz original sherbert, and a bag of Jelly Belly Donut Shoppe jelly beans (28g)
    • PLUS a big scoop from our range of loose lollies to top off your box!

    Recommended for kids aged 3 and over.