Dragonwood game (Gamewright) - The Present Factory
Dragonwood game (Gamewright) - The Present Factory

Dragonwood Game

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Players will be enraptured with the simple-to-learn but deeply engaging fantasy-themed game.
In this quality Gamewright game, you collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice, which you then use to roll against your foes.  Stomp on some fire ants, scream at a grumpy troll, or strike the menacing orange dragon with a magical silver sword.  Choose your strategy carefully because the landscape of Dragonwood is ever-changing.  Only the bravest will overcome the odds to emerge victorious!
Is the best strategy to go for several smaller creatures or save up for larger attacks?  Should you grab some enhancements hoping they will pay off, or go immediately for creatures?  Do you take chances on some rolls or go for sure things?  Every time you play Dragonwood the deck is different, so no two games are the same!

Can be added to any Create your Own gift box to create the perfect present for that special kid.