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Crazy Aarons Invisible Ink Ghostwriters Thinking Putty is an illusion for your eyes and a delight for your hands. Often used to encode top-secret information, invisible ink has a long and interesting history dating back to 4th century BC. There are all kinds of ways to make and read invisible ink (like heat and lemon juice), but the Invisible Ink Thinking Putty uses ultraviolet light to mimic blue ink on a sheet of green paper. Write with the Glow Charger and watch with wonder as your words evaporate into thin air.

You can tear, knead, twist, bounce, sculpt and stretch Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty. With so many play options children will be amazed by the brilliant ideas they create with a handful of putty. This tin includes a huge handful (90g) of Invisible Ink Ghostwriters Thinking Putty.

Suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

Can be added to any Create your Own gift box to create the perfect present for that special kid.