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The hottest kids Christmas presents in 2020

Wondering whether your choice of present was on the money?  Still scratching your head for present ideas for that special niece, nephew or grandchild?  2020 has been a strange year and one that asked a lot of our kids.  School and kindy shut downs, birthday parties cancelled and holidays on pause-  our kids have shown resilience and adaptability.  

2020 has also been a year where families have spent more time in their own backyard then ever before- rekindling a love of nature and the simple things.  It is probably no surprise then that by far and away our most popular products in 2020 have been gifts for the outdoor kid-  build your own fort kits, hammocks, ball games, and camping head lamps (check out The OUTDOOR KID or The CAMPER for inspiration).

Inside the home, gifts that channel kids’ creativity have been our second most popular- lots of art and craft activities and play make up kits (which have now sold out!).  Check out The ARTIST or The MESSY KID.

Will these trends continue into 2021?  I hope so!  Any gift that engages the creative and adventurous minds of kids will create memories that will last.


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